Import-Export & Distribution company Albanian Wine & Spirits Distribution operates in Albanian market since 2008. With 50 years of experience from the main company located in France, offers to clients and costumers most-known French, Italian and Spanish Wines. We collaborate with Bars and Restaurants in Shkoder, Tirana, Durres, Vlore, Sarande, Korce etc. The crucial part of our success is professionalism, knowing in details products of our partners, maintaining standards of ethics and international norms. Offering best quality price, working with passion, heart and mind, respect for ourselves and others is our strength. Maintaining the environment of team work and growth is the main target for AWSD. AWSD is a prestigious company, that encourages activity according the law, ethical and international norms in Albania and Europe.

AWSD is a prestigious company that operates according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Albania and those from Europe where they originated -iane our products

Sustainability in the provision of better service, work with passion heart and mind, respect for self and others while maintaining the spirit of development and team work is the primary objective for AWSD.

Part of our success is the professionalism, knowledge of the details of our co-products, maintaining ethical standards and international norms.

Company Import-Export and Distribution Albanian Wine & Spirits Distribution operates in the Albanian market since 2008.

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